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Remove an Iodine Stain


Sponge the area of clothing stained with iodine with denatured alcohol (methylated spirits). Wash in warm soapy water. Leave in the sunshine to dry. ...

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Iodine and Metholide Picture by: Biology Big Brother
Iodine and Metholide


Read the general stain removal guidelines. Treat immediately. The longer it sets the harder it is to remove this stain. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove these stains. Be certain to ...

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How to Clean Iodine Stains


a new biodegradable and water based product and is designed to remove most inks, including: indelible ink, permanent markers, fountain tip pens, surgical markers, roller ball pen...

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How to Remove Iodine Stains


Iodine is handy when it comes to cleaning a wound, but when it causes a laundry stain, it can be a real pain. Learn stain removal techniques that will wipe away what iodine leaves ...

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